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Knee CPM

The Knee CPM is an anatomical Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device that provides a full range of motion (ROM) of minus (-10°) in extension to (120°) of flexion. No configuration change is needed for right or left applications. At only 26 pounds, the Knee CPM is a lightweight CPM device that is portable and ideal for both home and hospital use. The easy-to-use controls located on the handheld pendant allow the user to start or stop the unit, as well as, adjust for flexion, extension, speed, and pause settings. In addition, a lockout feature can be incorporated to prevent unintentional or unauthorized setting changes. The Knee CPM accommodates a wide range of patient sizes due to its ability to be easily converted for both adult and pediatric applications with no additional accessories required.

  • Truly anatomical (Flexion point is at hip joint)
  • No configuration change from right to left leg
  • Accommodates pediatric to adult users with no accessories required


  • User friendly hand pendant
  • 10 degree extension to a true 120 degree flexion
  • Speed adjustment from 30/minute to 150/minute
  • Extension and flexion delays of 0-30 seconds
  • Reliable modular design for easy servicing
  • Lightweight and portable (26 lbs)

Safety Benefits

  • Built-in overload protection will reverse unit if any obstruction is detected
  • Lock-out feature prevents unintentional or unauthorized settings changes
  • Setting are maintained in the event of restart of power off
  • Instant on/off button on control pendant audibly beeps when starting
  • Low voltage wall transformer for added safety
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